The Activity Dose provides benefits for all

The Activity Dose increases well-being and quality of life by engaging and inspiring the residents. The method is easily implemented and makes the days efficient and more meaningful for the caregivers.

Lack of time and resources may result in a general approach to activities.
The interest check list and The Activity Dose’s treasure chest – the activity archive – makes it easy to choose suitable activities.

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Benefits for the residents

  • The resident gets a dignified life. The opportunity to influence daily activities may result in increased well-being and improved quality of life.

Benefits for the staff

  • Caregivers may find their responsibilities more fulfilling. Organizing and scheduling activities in advance saves time and energy. Professional competence is increased.

Benefits for the relatives

  • Relatives may participate in Activity Dose activities and experience increased quality time with their relatives. The Weekly Planner makes it easier to schedule visits in advance.

Benefits for the care home

  • The nursing home has a valuable tool to meet requirements for individual care, quality assurance and assessments.

How it works

Getting started is easy
The Activity Does is a comprehensive system consisting of tools, training and a professional network.

1. Nursing home video-kickoff
2. Online training
3.Get to know the residents’ interests
4. Select activities from the archive
5. Write the activity dose
6. Assess and adjust

See the system in practice

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Nursing home video-kickoff Online training
Get to know the residents’ interests Select activities from the archive Write the activity dose
Assess and adjust