Tailored activities to improve quality of life.

The Activity Dose is a valuable tool in assisting healthcare workers implementing care-policies.
The method has been developed with support from the Norwegian Directorate of Health and Stavanger Municipality. The Activity Dose has been adapted by nursing homes throughout Norway.

The concept is based on a need to organize and adapt activities in order to suit the residents’ interests. In the same way as medicine is prescribed we prescribe tailored activities and attention as a treatment.

The activity dose was founded in 2014 as a non-profit company in social entrepreneurship.

The Story of The Activity Dose

Lone was born in Denmark, where, after completing high school, she worked a year in a nursing home in London. Inspired by her mother’s experience in battling polio as a child, she later trained to become a physiotherapist, and she found that even the small changes that she was able to facilitate in the mobility of the older people with whom she was working transformed their self-perceptions and sense of well-being.

In 2000, Lone began working in nursing homes in Norway, where she became all too familiar with the depressing sight of overmedicated people, and she was increasingly persuaded that their rights as sentient individuals were being routinely violated. Those concerns were soon heightened, at an even more personal level, when her mother was diagnosed with dementia while living in a nursing home. Reaffirmed by her mother’s experience, Lone recognized the power of activity as a key indicator of a person’s well-being and an effective tool for their empowerment.

Lone was soon persuaded to create more active, engaged, and fulfilling lives for elderly people, as an employee of a nursing home with its own set of bureaucratic rules and policies, which led to her to establish The Activity Dose as a non-profit organization in 2014.

The Activity Dose is now widely spread in Norway and in 2020 Lone was included in the Changemaker United program to scale internationally with a COVID19 solution. In the past 6 years the remarkable effect from this simple solution is astonishing. Patients experience better life quality and a severe reduction in medication.


The Activity Dose is a marvellous way of breaking our standardized way of thinking patient care. The method gives us tools to get to know the residents better and they get the opportunity to be themselves and live their own life.

Brit Munthe, head of care home Domkirken sykehjem

I would say The Activity Dose is better than medicine.
It has made me a better nurse and the residents clearly benefits.
The Activity Dose makes work more satisfactory.

Astrid Trevland, Activity doc, Vardheim bofellesskap

The relatives are very satisfied about the system and the staff reports being more confident and happier in their work. Finally, we see the residents are enjoying life, having better health and using less pharmaceuticals. I would recommend the Activity Dose to all care homes.

Reidar Toresen, head of Bjønnesåsen bo- og aktivitetssenter

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Many elderly people are facing long and monotonous days whether they live at home or in a care home.

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