Activities and attention as treatment

Patients in long term care are often facing passive and monotonous days. Combined with pharmaceuticals, very little stimulation and lack of meaningful activities it can lead to depression and poor quality of life. The activities that goes on are often group activities and it seems its always the same group of people who attend, leaving the others passive and neglected behind.

Getting started is easy

  1. Kick off

    To get a mutual understanding for the philosophy all employees watch a the Kick off- video were the method is explained. Relatives and volunteers can attend.

  2. On-line training

    Nurses or nursing assistants do the online training to become an Activity Doc.
    Each Activity Doc is responsible for around 6 patients/Activity Doses.

  3. Planning

    Map and tailor the Activty Dose plan to match the residents interests and needs.

  4. Making the Dose

    The Activity Dose is tailored in cooperation with the resident. It is also advised to involve relatives about previous interests and lifestyle.

  5. Get inspired

    The digital library contains a rich selection of ideas and inspiration.
    There are many additional tools to chose from in the web- shop. Most of the products are designed by The Activity Dose and produced by a local rehabilitation company.

  6. Do it!

    The plan is carried out by the health staff and documented. Relatives or volunteers are welcome to participate and get involved.

  7. Community

    Online network of participating nursing homes and health care workers, as well as 3 meetings per year.
    Annual gathering for all the members

Memberships for Care Homes with 20 residents or more You’ll get:
  • Digital or on site training of Activity Docs
  • Activity Toolboxes for your residents
  • Planning and implementation forms
from € 1 500 year

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Many elderly people are facing long and monotonous days whether they live at home or in a care home.